WordPress asking for FTP credentials for updates

Is WordPress asking for FTP credentials? Now this is really only for those that self host or have their own instances on a cloud service, as a hosting provider may of disabled this feature by design. Geektowers hosts its own site and another site www.snowsportprofessionals.com


I look after all the tech bits of these sites but only had this issue with www.snowsportprofessionals.com. So when an update was ready weather it was for WordPress or a plugin it would ask for FTP credentials, this is something we don’t run so making the updates impossible without going to the length of manually downloading them etc.


So it turns out its a real quick and easy fix. you just need to add the below line in your wp-config.php


define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');


It doesn’t really matter where but I tend to keep more custom edits at the bottom of the file with a comment above as to why I did it.


That’s it! Happy updating.

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