Change SATA Mode From IDE to AHCI Windows 10

Overview IDE to AHCI

So I have just got around to playing GTA V on my HTPC and was having issues with textures and buildings not loading quickly enough. After messing about with graphic settings for quite some time with no luck, I started to look at my hardware. First thing I notice is the SATA mode in my BIOS is still set to IDE doh! Not even sure how this happened but hey. Doing this increase the speed of your SATA ports so IF your OS supports it, it is worth doing. Below I’ll show you how to change from IDE to AHCI

So I changed the setting to AHCI hoping I wouldn’t get the 🙁 Blue Screen, alas I did. Knowing what to do I set right too it.



Windows 10 has an override option so it will reinstall storage drivers.


01, Open regedit and navigate to:


02, There you will find a DWORD value 0

ide to ahci reg before : www.geektowers.com

03, Double click on this and change the data value from 3 to 0

ide to ahci reg after : www.geektowers.com

04, Reboot your machine

05, Set the SATA mode to AHCI and then let Windows boot.

et voila!

NB. If you miss this you will have to go back and change the DWORD again before you reboot.



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