Stop 4K videos From Stuttering In Kodi

Having problems with 4K movies stuttering on Kodi? By searching the internet you will find that there are many things that can be at fault. To add another variable to the pot we were using an Unraid Server to store our file. Here we will tell you which one finally worked for us. 


Read Speed On Spindle Disks Are Too Slow For 4K Movies?

To test out this theory we moved our 4K movie from the usual share on our Unraid server and place it on the cache which was an SSD. This did make improvements with lower bitrate 4K movies. High bitrate movies were still stuttering.



Network Too Slow To Play 4K Movies Using Unraid

We all know how big these files are so we wanted to see if our network was at fault. So we upped the MTU settings on our UnRaid server. We set the MTU straight to 9000 which allows the server to send data in bigger chunks but this didn’t help here, so we moved it back to 1500. Although in large file transfers this worked a treat.

If you ever decide to change MTU settings be warned your switch has to be able to support higher packet sizes so if you change this from the default 1500 and your network drops off turn it back, chances are your switch doesn’t support it.



Our Eureka Moment

We’d now been at this quite a while. Googling like mad all the different search phrases that would hopefully give us the answer. “4K movies not playing on Kodi”, “UHD movies not playing on Unraid”, “4K frame rate problems”….etc etc. We tried everything, when finally someone said, “Isn’t Kodi 32bit?…..” No surely this isn’t the issue?. We then downloaded the nightly 64bit of Kodi and kept everything crossed. IT WORKED!! The movies played faultlessly. We then checked whether the SSD made a difference… didn’t. Even on the spindle disks it played like a dream.


So there you have it. To solve your problem all you need to do is head over to Kodi and download the 64bit version of Kodi 18. – Please note that this may open you up to a whole set of different problems. Some skins aren’t available, some addons won’t work etc…..but your 4K videos will play beautifully.

The sensible decision is to wait until Kodi 18 release date arrives….but hey….whoever said Geeks were sensible 


*Disclaimer – Geek Towers takes no responsibility for any damage or loss of data. We are only giving you insight into what worked for us*




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  • For the life of me I can’t comprehend why my UHD 4K bluray player that has a processor that has with less than 10% of the power my PC rig with an 8th generation intel I7 and 32GB of ram can’t acceptably play a 4K movie with either VLC Player or Kodi without an embarrassing studering performance! Sure you can spend hours troubleshooting and likely get it to play right however there’s no universal fix, you’ll find 10 different people with 10 different solutions they found successful.

    Whether it’s a software issue (which it appears to be) its embarrassing we are 5 years into 4K and these monkeys are allowing $150 UHD disc players out perform $2K desktops!

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