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64bit Kodi Is Here – Kodi v18 Development

After years of waiting it looks like a 64bit Kodi has arrived, although still in development it is available here. Just select your OS and then choose Development Builds. Please bare in mind development builds can be unstable and Geektowers doesn’t recommend you install this on the device you other half will dislike not been available.

One of the greatest advantages of going 64 bit is the 2GB limit for each process has gone. Meaning overall better performance. Another is XML files over 100MB and up 200MB can be opened, a file type Kodi relies heavily on.

This is also a step in the right direction for Universal Windows Platform. UWP apps are able to run on any Windows device, from your smart phone to a HTPC running in your home theater.

Here is what Kodi had to say about the long wait

You have to understand that Kodi is a very complicated piece of software and there wasn’t a simple switch to say give me 64-bit. Since 2012 users have been asking for a 64-bit version as it was supposed to be a lot better. Over the years there has been no obvious proof that switching to 64-bit actually had any benefits for the Kodi application. In the meantime other platforms like Linux, OSX and even Android did move onward and received a 64-bit version. Only the past year or two we have slowly been seeing benefits with all the new video formats coming out and the increased development support for FFmpeg which is at the core of our audio and video playback. So then what hold you guys back so long is what you might ask? This answer is actually quite complicated and has to do with things like how we compile the code and the external code libraries available. 


You can see Kodi’s post about 64bit Kodi here


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