Best TV Shows 2017

25 Must See Top TV Shows 2017

Struggling For something to watch?

Here we have 25 must see top TV shows 2017 past and present. We have left out any 30 minute comedies as they deserve a category all to themselves which will come later…

25 – Smallville (2001-2011)


Smallville shows us the boy who will become superman. It deals with him learning to control his powers while keeping his secret and becoming the unsung hero of Kansas. Tom Welling plays a great Clarke Kent who I was always disappointed wasn’t taken up for the film role. Michael Rosenbaum portrays a Lex Luthor who tries to be a good….but we all know the part he finally plays


24 – Black Mirror (2011-)

Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a “Marmite” series, you either love it or hate it! It’s a British series where each episode is a different story which depicts different ways our use of technology can go horribly wrong. One of my favourites is the episode where people are unknowingly dropped into a dark TV show….but all is not what it seems.



23 – Prison Break (2005-)

Prison Break

Michael Scofield makes an elaborate plan to free his brother from prison. His plan starts with getting himself locked into one of the meanest prisons in the US. Some great characters and leaves you wanting more at the end of each episode. If I could judge it on its first season it would be in the top 5 but….the other seasons do let it down slightly. Never-the-less a great show.


22 – Scorpion (2014-)


Based on a real life person. Walter O’Brien is a genius with an IQ of 197 who leads a team of genius’ who are employed by government and other agencies. Scorpion has Walter. Toby a behaviourist. Sylvester, a human calculator. Happy, a mechanical prodigy. Agent Cabe Gallo their government handler and Paige who’s normal. She translates the world for them, while they help her understand her genius son. The chemistry between the team is great and it is very good family entertainment.



21 – Designated Survivor (2016)

Designated Survivor

Kiefer Sutherland plays Tom Kirkham, a cabinet member of the United States. When a bomb kills the President and everyone above him, he finds he is now the President. With plenty of twists and turns he must find out who killed the former President while still trying to learn how to run a country.

Plays his best role since Jack Bower…….oh yeah Jack Bower. You should give 24 a watch  

20 – Travelers (2016)


Travelers is a time travel drama without the usual trying to keep up with what year your in. In the future they are able to take over the consciousness of people who are about to die in our timeline. They are using the technology to try and avoid a disaster that happens in the near future. This really is a great show, if you liked Quantum Leap you’ll love this!!


19 – Blacklist (2013)


America’s most wanted criminal, Raymond Reddington, hands himself in. He helps the FBI capture other criminals but will only work with Elizabeth Keen. The suspense of their relationship and the turmoil that Reddington brings is gripping. A must watch!

18 – Flash (2014)


After getting struck by lightening Barry Allen becomes the superhero “The Flash”. SPOILER ALERT – The Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow do not find themselves in my list. The Flash however does! It’s does a very good job at keeping the storylines going at a good pace and injects bits of humour to keep it fresh. After 4 seasons it is still going strong.


17 – Limitless (2015)


Just as good as the film of the same name!!

After taking a mysterious drug NZT Brian finch unlocks 100% of his brain. He then is forced to work for the FBI and solve different cases every week while trying to find out the mystery that is NZT.

This is one of the shows that we were shocked was not being renewed. A great show from start to finish. To top it off Bradley Cooper makes some appearances and Dexter fans are in for a treat.

16 – The Walking Dead (2010-)

The Walking Dead

Zombies zombies zombies. The Walking dead is currently 7 seasons in and still going. The premise is a bunch of people join forces to stay alive. Not only do they have to avoid the walking dead, they must also battle with other factions of people. 1st season is great but in my opinion season 2 was a bit slow so you may have to endure that one…well worth it though!


15 – Lethal Weapon (2016-)

Lethal Weapon

I’m too old for this shit!! Well it turns out, it’s not too old…..Lethal Weapon is great. Damon Wayans plays Murtaugh a close to retirement cop who just wants a stress free life. Clayne Crawford plays Riggs who is his crazy care free partner. Plenty of explosions, jumping from buildings and gun play. This series is just action packed and fun to watch. 

14 – Gang Related (2014)

Gang Related

Is he a good guy being bad or a bad guy being good? Gang Related is a show about Ryan Lopez who is in a LA Gang Task force that keeps gangs off the streets. The only problem is, he was raised by a notorious Gang leader. While trying to do his best to protect his police friends he must also protect his gang family. Brilliant suspense drama. Only one season so definitely worth a watch



13 – Lucifer (2015-)


They say the devil is amongst us…this time he is and runs a night club in LA. Lucifer decides he is bored with hell and decides to live amongst humans. He then becomes attracted to Detective Decker and helps her solve crimes. It’s down as a crime/fantasy/drama but I would definitely add comedy into the mix. Lucifer ironically never lying, is constantly tell people he is the devil but no-one ever believes him

12 – Mr Robot (2015-)

Mr Robot

Mr Robot is a very dark and unique story about a hacker called Elliott. He has social interaction problems but this doesn’t stop him from trying to free the world from the elite who he believes rules the world. First season is pretty epic but the second season is lacking. Still a great program to check out



11 – Blindspot (2015-)


A women is found naked in Times Square with no memories and covered with tattoos from head to toe that give away national security secrets. While trying to find out who erased her memory she must also help the FBI solve cases. This is a female version of Jason Bourne but with more twists and drama

10 – Teen Wolf (2011-2017)

Teen Wolf

Another film revival. After Scott is bitten by a wolf he has to come to terms with the fact he is now a werewolf. The show is packed with supernatural creatures and plenty of suspense and humour. You get to watch Scott go from a lost wolf to the leader of a pack…a great watch!!  


9 – Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Breaking Bad

After being diagnosed with cancer, a high school science teacher decides to sell meth in order to make sure his family are looked after when he’s gone. He joins forces with a drop-out student and starts creating the best meth that the city has seen. Once you get past Al from Malcolm In The Middle, Bryan Cranston plays his best character to date. 

8 -Scream (2011-2017)


It’s difficult to make film into a TV series, it’s almost impossible to make a slasher movie into a series…..ALMOST…but they did it. The amount of suspense is just short of amazing. I have never suspected so many different people as the killer and been wrong since….. well, the original Scream



7 – The Mentalist (2008-2015)

The Mentalist

Serial killer Red John brutal murders a TV fake psychic’s wife and child. The only way he can get revenge is by joining the FBI and using his special skills to solve cases. The FBI tries it’s best to keep him on a close leash…but usually fails. Simon Baker plays a lovable rogue who always seems to be one step ahead of everyone….besides Red John.

6 – Shades Of Blue (2016-)

Shades Of Blue

Jenifer Lopez plays a corrupt cop in a close knit unit who gets caught doing something she shouldn’t. An even more corrupt FBI agent then blackmails her to catch the rest of her unit. Conflicted between her need to keep her daughter safe and protect her unit makes for a great cat and mouse show. Very gripping


Ready For The Final 5?

I won’t do it! Nope! Not happening!

I struggled enough with the last 20 series. I personally enjoyed every one of them and there are loads that just missed the cut. Smallville just pushed out Gotham, along with some other great series. The final 5 aren’t 5 at all…they’re 6 because I forgot about one of them and refused to knock Smallville from spot 25. So no numbering If you’re gonna watch anything, make sure you have it’s one of the next 6 shows!!



Dexter (2006-2013)Dexter

There’s been plenty of series and films about serial killers. How many of them do you root for the serial killer not to get caught and keep killing? Not many, well meet Dexter. A Blood Splat Analysis for the Miami Police who has a thirst for killing. To meet this thirst, he only targets other murderers. He does this while trying to stay one step ahead of the police and his sister…who is also an officer within the same unit.


Sons Of Anarchy (2008-2014)Sons Of Anarchy

Sons Of Anarchy is centred around Jax, a young leader of a motorcycle gang. Although it’s a motorcycle gang there’s not much about motorcycles. However there is a lot of murder and betrayal. Watch as Jax tries his best to steer his gang away from a life of crime while constantly being pulled in the other direction by his crew.


Banshee (2013-2016)


An ex con fresh out of jail decides to take on the identity of a newly appointed sherif. While trying to keep his secret, he must also keep the town safe using his own “unorthodox” methods. Very gripping tv right up to the end of the series. One of the few series that finishes in its prime but also ties up all the loose ends.


Game Of Thrones (2011-)

Game Of Thrones

Unless you have been living under a rock, Game Of Thrones needs no introduction. Set in a mythical land with dragons and night walkers, “GOT” is a story about different families trying to take control (or keep control) of their provinces. Due to the graphic nature of sex and violence it may not be best for Granny


The Wire (2002-2008)

The Wire

The Wire is widely regarded as one of the greatest series packed with realism. Voted an amazing 9.3 on IMDB with over 200,00 votes. It’s a show about the Baltimore drug scene where the police try to keep up with the ever changing drug king pins. It’s so real it could easily be confused with a documentary.


Power (2014-)

PowerJames St Patrick is a father, husband and a well respected night club owner trying to be a legit club owner. This is made difficult by his best friend and fellow drug dealing partner, Tommy. Tommy has no interest in going legit and loves the chaos that his life brings. It’s one of those series when you never know quite who to trust.

Power has a great 1st season, even better 2nd, even better 3rd and a gripping 4th so far.




What do you reckon? Have we missed one of your loved series? Please let us know. Remember though, we purposely didn’t put any 30 mins shows in our list because they deserve a category all to themselves. 
If you want to know any more details about any of the series check out IMDB
For great fan art of all your favourite TV shows and Films head over to Fanart TV



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  • Tut tut you’re missing the legendary programme which is Black Sails! Pirates, thieving and prostitutes….what can be better?

    How To Get Away With Murder – Keeps you guessing throughout each season.

    Nikita – U.S agency trained spy and assassin, plenty of action and drama.

    24 Brilliant and unique at the time, non stop plot twists which run in real time #alwaysguessing

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