Plex – Improve Your Media Sorting

Do you run a Plex server? If you don’t you should but that’s another story.

For those that have already seen the light chances are somewhere in your movie collection you have a series of films that don’t display in order. Harry Potter or Indiana Jones for example end up separate from each other putting Raiders of The Lost Ark nowhere near Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade, and if you’re like me this play havoc with my OCD.



Fear not I present a solution. Turns out Plex has a “Sort Title” field, this is not visible in your Library but makes sorting you media easier.



First off, log onto the Web Client and find the movie you wish to sort.  Once found click the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the movie.



You will then be presented with the metadata your Plex server has on your movie. You can see Sort title is the same as Title, this is what we need to change.




It’s as easy as putting the primary title followed by the number into Sort Title. This could be the actual order or maybe you are wanting to sort your Star Wars movies into actual time line.





Hope this makes your Plex a happy place to be. If you this useful please leave a comment to let us know!


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