How to record your screen on macOS Mojave

Looking to record your screen on macOS Mojave, we show you how!!

Before MACOS Mojave you had to use quicktime or a third party tool to record your screen. Apple have now made this a whole lot easier, just with a few key presses.


  • Press Command + Shift + 5 to open the screenshot tool bar
  • You will be presented with a menu shown below.

Mojave Screenshot Bar 01

  • You can go ahead and click the screen and this will take a full screen shot, but you’re here for video recording.
  • The side buttons allow you to choose a selection to record or record the entire screen.

Mojave Screenshot Bar 02

  • You can click options to choose where you wish to save the file to. The default is the desktop. Be warned if you have iCloud syncing your desktop this may use a lot of data.

Mojave Screenshot Bar 03


And that’s it. Easy right.

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