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GTA V Verify Files PC – Social Club

GTA V Verify Files – Social Club

I’ve run into some game crashes recently and have seen it is recommended to verify the game files. Usually this is no problem on platforms such as Steam. If like me you bought this game direct from Rockstar it’s not as clear cut as right click on game, then verify. Luckily its not too complicated and one quick windows shortcut later you’re good to go.



So navigate to the directory you installed GTA V to. You should see an executable called “GTAVLauncher”.


01. Right click this and select create shortcut. This will create a shortcut called “GTAVLauncher – copy” You can leave this if you  like but I preferred to rename it to “GTAVLauncher – Verify”

GTA V Verify Files -


02. Once you have done this right click your new shiny shortcut and click properties.

Edit the target so it has -verify on the end.

GTA V Verify Files -


03. Run the game. That’s all there is to it.



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